The 13th was a lazy day, but somehow I still couldn’t find the energy (or the words) to finish and publish a blog post. The kids got through half a week of school after our marathon flight back from the States. We have a three day weekend, due to a holiday on Monday to remember King Bhumibol. It would be great to have the girls sleep through one of the nights this weekend as a signal that the dreaded terror, known as jet lag, has finally passed us.

On Saturday, we took the kids to swim class; though half of us were tired with late morning sleep so not sure how productive that was. On top of that, we got caught in the downpour of the day, so I should have known from then that our luck was not in abundance.

Seriously though, being awake with a child at 3:00 a.m. is really starting to wear thin. The semi-lucid fog I am in has already caused me to miss three commitments this week. Most notably, a Halloween party that I had etched into my memory as taking place on October 13th, except I didn’t connect that YESTERDAY was October 13th until this morning. The kids were fast asleep around 7:00 p.m. anyway.

It feels as though most of the rest of October will be spent celebrating one holiday or another. After this Monday, the girls also have the week of October 22-26 out of school for Chulalongkorn Day on October 23rd. I will be chronicling my attempts to entertain my kids for less than the per day cost of the week-long camp their preschool is offering. It seems many expats take this time of year to travel, as the streets do not buzz with the same level of activity. Traffic does not appear to accumulate outside my window as thickly, or for as long, as earlier in the year. The rain, however; persists in passing through a torrential downpour about once a day (seriously, when will the rainy season end?). Maybe next October we can take the opportunity to explore more of Asia as a family.

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