Tips for creating family traditions among different cultures

Moving to a new place, we have been exposed to a vast new culture that we have the privilege of experiencing firsthand. We also want to make sure our small children are growing up grounded solidly in an understanding of what it means to be an American. That means a lot of reading up on […]

Blogtober Challenge: Days 13 & 14

The 13th was a lazy day, but somehow I still couldn’t find the energy (or the words) to finish and publish a blog post. The kids got through half a week of school after our marathon flight back from the States. We have a three day weekend, due to a holiday on Monday to remember […]

Mom Friends and Playdates Abroad

Dating these days; it is no easy feat. Finding the right app to suit your romantic preferences, crafting a profile that is a fitting presentation to the world, matching with someone who doesn’t suffer from severe halitosis or isn’t a serial killer, I’m not entirely sure how single people do it. And yet… here I […]

5 Tips for parents after relocation overseas

In my preparations to move abroad, I read quite a few articles about how toddlers may regress as a response to the change. This didn’t seem incredibly far-fetched considering the mountain of articles offering tips to help parents transition their kids from cribs to big kid beds, into new rooms – IN THE SAME HOUSE […]