International Travel: Beware the Pitfalls

International travel with a family has never been for the faint of heart. Two years into this global pandemic, country hopping now seems like it’s an exercise for suckers. Ok, maybe not suckers exactly, but definitely for people who are exceptional planners, highly adaptable, winning in the sense of humor department, and cool under pressure. […]

3 big factors you can’t ignore if you want happy vacays with kids

There are so many good reasons to want to travel with your family. The educational opportunities are endless, and it’s a chance to bond as a family on each adventure. Who knows, perhaps your kids will catch the travel bug and want to explore the world too. Regardless of why you want to travel, having […]

Blogtober Challenge: Days 13 & 14

The 13th was a lazy day, but somehow I still couldn’t find the energy (or the words) to finish and publish a blog post. The kids got through half a week of school after our marathon flight back from the States. We have a three day weekend, due to a holiday on Monday to remember […]

The first Monday of September

Labor Day weekend; often considered the last chance to enjoy summer before the pages turn on summer and the season of pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves, and apple picking begins. As vacationers soak up the last bit of summer along coasts before Columbus Day (that only some workers are allowed the time off), I can’t […]