What do you do when stress gets to you?

Serious question: what do you do when stress gets to you? Managing stress and cultivating routines for self-care has become a big business of late. If you meditate or practice yoga, there are plenty of apps to choose from. The technology solutions to help manage stress are almost endless. I even remember before moving to […]

Blogtober Challenge: Days 13 & 14

The 13th was a lazy day, but somehow I still couldn’t find the energy (or the words) to finish and publish a blog post. The kids got through half a week of school after our marathon flight back from the States. We have a three day weekend, due to a holiday on Monday to remember […]

Blogtober Challenge: Day 12

American expats, are you planning to vote in the upcoming election? I don’t know about you, but I’m keen to exercise my civic right from the other side of the world. My Twitter and Instagram feeds are clogged with the descent into chaos that has been our political discourse, and each cringe-worthy day is challenging […]

Blogtober Challenge: Days 10 & 11

I was not able to publish a post yesterday; my energy was dedicated to dealing with condo renovation frustrations back in the States after catching up on sleep and some quiet time in the mani/pedi chair. I wasn’t nearly as distressed about missing a day as I was the first time, but I’ve had bigger […]