Blogtober Challenge: Day 9

Things were so crazy last week that I really haven’t spent much time reflecting on the time I got to spend with family and friends. We made this trip back for a friend, a fact that has elicited comments from other American expats along the lines of, “Must be a good friend. I wouldn’t do […]

Blogtober Challenge: Day 8

This challenge has not been easy. In so many ways it has shown me how complicated it is to blog as a parent. Children are complete wildcards and have this innate power to render plans irrelevant – well my children do. It is also true that writing is a time-consuming process for me. I have […]

Blogtober Challenge: Days 4-7

It’s really terrible when you realize that a carefully thought out plan isn’t going to work. When I decided to participate in Blogtober, I knew that the first week would be rough. The circumstances were far from my normal routine and environment. Although I pre-planned some content a couple of weeks before the month began, […]

Blogtober Challenge: Day 3

Traveling isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be. People spend time talking about the experiences, the culture, the food, and all the other stuff that gets romanticized. That is real, but sometimes travel is just hard. Real talk, sometimes you get sick, you lose luggage, you’ve got to change plans, you don’t get […]