This challenge has not been easy. In so many ways it has shown me how complicated it is to blog as a parent. Children are complete wildcards and have this innate power to render plans irrelevant – well my children do. It is also true that writing is a time-consuming process for me. I have always envied people who can get clear thoughts out rapidly.

In addition to testing my own ability to create a regular stream of content, I was also curious. Would blogging daily really help attract more visitors to the site? Would it make a meaningful impact on my search ranking? There are convincing arguments both for and against daily blogging. Hubspot research suggests that people will read multiple pages of content on my site before trying to buy a product or service from me and that the more content I produce per month, the more traffic and potential for conversions. As someone looking to get a freelancing business off the ground, that’s music to my ears.

Obviously, this is one aspect of building a steady blog audience. Promoting the blog and engaging with other bloggers active on social media are essential ways to get the word out about what you’re producing. Engagement alone has been an incredible motivator because I’m getting inspiration from how others are putting content out there and the reinforcement to keep going. Ultimately, there needs to be content on the site if all these promotional efforts are to work. How much is enough? I suspect that, similar to determining the best posting times, a lot of trial and error is needed to find the right volume.

Perhaps this challenge won’t be so bad after all.

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