What I learned from Blogtober

I’m going to be completely honest; I did not enjoy participating in Blogtober. There, I said it. I went into it knowing it would be challenging and that I would have the added complication of international travel with toddlers. What I hadn’t anticipated was how many unforeseen factors would conspire against me or how hard […]

Blogtober Challenge: Day 8

This challenge has not been easy. In so many ways it has shown me how complicated it is to blog as a parent. Children are complete wildcards and have this innate power to render plans irrelevant – well my children do. It is also true that writing is a time-consuming process for me. I have […]

I’m going to try this thing called Blogtober

I haven’t been blogging for very long, and there are still many aspects of this that I have yet to figure out – like so many. It’s overwhelming to consider building a site (that someone wants to visit) from the ground up, and everything that goes with it. So it becomes convenient to hold back […]