Black history month abroad: Celebrating our impact in the world

It’s Black History Month in the US! The sad irony is that the shortest month of the year is designated for delving into the well of black experiences and our collective contribution to America. The month of observance came from nearly a century of work to preserve the existence of blacks. As a lover of […]

Tips for creating family traditions among different cultures

Moving to a new place, we have been exposed to a vast new culture that we have the privilege of experiencing firsthand. We also want to make sure our small children are growing up grounded solidly in an understanding of what it means to be an American. That means a lot of reading up on […]

Blogtober Challenge: Days 4-7

It’s really terrible when you realize that a carefully thought out plan isn’t going to work. When I decided to participate in Blogtober, I knew that the first week would be rough. The circumstances were far from my normal routine and environment. Although I pre-planned some content a couple of weeks before the month began, […]

Blogtober Challenge: Day 2

The desynchronosis, or jet lag, is hitting one of the kids really hard. Desynchronosis is so much more fun to say compared to jet lag; I think I may stick with that one. What this means is that I’ve been awake since about 1:00 a.m. EST with my kid who slept from about 2:00 in […]