Hey, thanks for stopping by. If what brought you here was a nagging desire to try something different (and I’m not just talking zoodles different), you’ve come to the right place. I’m talking about the different where you take a deep breath, tell your fears to step off and do the thing you always say you want to do but don’t. The different where everyone you know thinks you’re nuts and some even feel bold enough to tell you. The kind where you may even believe them in the back of your mind, but you proceed anyway.

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I had these same thoughts as I stepped on a plane with my mom, twin toddlers and one-way tickets to Southeast Asia. Since then I have been exploring new surroundings, people, customs, food, feelings – you name it. For me, it has been a chance to consider the bounds of what’s possible each day. So far those limits have been expanding exponentially – though at times slower than others.

Don’t get me wrong; there are still many things I miss like driving to Dunkin Donuts for my daily iced coffee fix, Fresh Direct, Stitch Fix, Winc – I really could go on and on…

I want people to see that it may be harder to get a decent bagel or find a hairdresser, but the upside… there’s so much upside that comes with diverging at the fork in the road. I hope my perspectives on expat life as a stay at home mom and finding purpose outside the corporate office gives you the confidence to go after that “best life” you want to live.

Oh, I also hope you enjoy laughing with(at) me through all the hijinks along the way.