What to know about relocating with pets

Moving abroad can be a complex process for anyone, but bringing a furry friend along adds another challenging layer. Our furry friends are loving companions and an integral part of the family, so it goes without saying that we want to bring them along on our new adventure.

Black history month abroad: Celebrating our impact in the world

It’s Black History Month in the US! The sad irony is that the shortest month of the year is designated for delving into the well of black experiences and our collective contribution to America. The month of observance came from nearly a century of work to preserve the existence of blacks. As a lover of […]

Expat life 2020: Handling events as it unfolds

I had big plans after my first year of blogging. Afterward, the doubt and the writer’s block slowly crept in. Life’s responsibilities took over. Blogging time moved further down the to do list. Then coronavirus happened and life as we knew it ceased. Being stuck at home was an opportunity to tap into creativity and […]